Why use a VPN?

As the world goes through the fourth Industrial Revolution of the internet, many companies are now advocating for more robust remote working practices. But with increasing online activity comes the problem of cybersecurity. When connected to the internet, our connections may not be protected, which means hackers can intercept our online activity steal passwords and sensitive information. Internet frauds and cyberattacks have increased by a significant margin, and the need for privacy and internet confidentiality has never been more urgent.

  • Your Browsing History
  • Your location and IP Address
  • Your streaming location
  • Your Devices that connect to the internet
  • Your Web Activity – to maintain internet freedom

Now what must you look for in a VPN service? We recommend that you look for the following:

  • Their Privacy norms
  • Their security protocols (whether it is the latest or an outdated one)
  • Their data limits (if they set any)
  • Server locations
  • OS Support
  • Smartphone support
  • Number of possible connected devices
  • Cost of the VPN services

One of the best VPN services is NordVPN®. It is better and different from other VPN services because it re-routs your internet traffic through two servers rather than one. This means it’s even harder to find and trace your location through your activity online, and you are much more secure than with other VPN networks. This, coupled with the amazing offers on the pricing and simplistic UI, and timely support, really sets it apart from other VPN services.


1.    Servers and Countries

There are over 5100 servers of NordVPN in 59 countries worldwide. This means that connecting to the server with lower traffic and higher speeds is quite easy due to the sheer number of available servers. NordVPN automatically detects the best server for you by its algorithms to select the one that has high speeds and lower lags. Even though the bulk of servers are in America and Europe, they are still far spread out across the globe.

  • Over 2300 servers in the Americas, Including:
    • The United States of America
    • Canada
    • Brazil
    • Argentina
    • Mexico
    • Costa Rica
    • Chile
  • More than 2000 servers in Europe, with main and popular locations being:
    • The United Kingdom
    • Czech Republic
    • Germany
    • France
    • The Netherlands
  • Over 100 servers in:
    • India
    • Africa
    • The Middle East
  • More than 600 servers in Asia Pacific Region, including:
    • Australia
    • Hong Kong
    • Japan
    • Singapore
    • Taiwan
    • New Zealand
    • Indonesia

2.  Connections


  • One NordVPN account enables a user to register up to six simultaneous connections on different devices.
  • You get 6 times the protection for all your devices combined. Laptop, desktop PC, mobile devices, and tablets – it doesn’t matter.
  • If your VPN service only protects one device per account, it is not secure enough for your devices to use sensitive passwords and payment information.
  • In this respect, this feature of NordVPN, which allows simultaneous connections, can ensure that you get the maximum protection.

3.   Platforms Supported

NordVPN supports most major operating systems and platforms and finding the right software for your device is not difficult. It also supports many Television platforms so that you can have a secure internet streaming experience on your TV.

You can download the NordVPN applications for your OS through the following links:

4. Browser extension

Popular browser extensions are also supported on NordVPN. Setting up an extension on these web browsers isn’t hard and is mostly completed through a simple download. There are no artificial bandwidth limits on the browsing experience, and hence the connectivity on your browser will almost be uninterrupted. The CyberSec feature will also prevent you from accessing any malware-hosting sites.

You can download the extensions for your web browser from the following links:

What’s more, you can also disable Chrome’s WebRTC protocol with NordVPN. This protocol may reveal your IP address when you least want it to. You can continue your web browsing experience, and the extension will hide conveniently.

5. Supporting Protocols

a)    Split Tunnelling

  • Split Tunnelling is a feature that allows you to choose which devices, websites, or apps use a VPN connection and which uses a direct connection.
  • So this means that you can choose effectively what data you want to keep private. This is a handy feature that keeps sensitive data away from hackers.
  • NordVPN is useful because we can choose which websites we want to browse with a VPN and which website we don’t want to.
  • The major pro is that all your browser traffic goes through the VPN tunnel.

b)   Kill Switch

  • A Kill Switch is a feature of VPN providers, which terminates the apps or websites in use should your VPN connection suddenly break off. You can choose which apps or websites should employ this feature.
  • The benefits is that we can protect our data and information because the app or website won’t send  any unwanted traffic.

NordVPN has this feature on all of its OS applications. You can download it once and then ensure that your apps and your internet traffic remain protected.

6.   Streaming Services

  • You can stream on any streaming service from any country on NordVPN. Some examples of the same are:
    • Netflix
    • Amazon Prime Video
    • Hulu
    • iPlayer,
    • HBO Now

you name it, and they’ve got it.

  • Speeds are not affected during streaming.
  •  According to this study, the average speed for Netflix Streaming at 4K UHD quality (over multiple locations on the VPN) was 115Mbps.

7. Effective P2P File Sharing 

  • P2P stands for Peer-to-Peer networking. It is a fast and convenient way to share files with a large number of people.
  • This works because whenever you download a file (from a P2P network), you also simultaneously become an uploader of the same file, making the process much more efficient.
  • Same way how torrenting works (and yes, torrenting is illegal in many countries)
  • P2P technology is used in many cases, such as the public distribution of free access data, sharing large amounts of corporate data internally. Also, in pushing software updates to massive user bases – big companies such as Microsoft use it!
  • NordVPN can help make your connections a lot safer.
    • First, it masks your IP address to that of the server.
    • Next, it protects your download speed, and hence your ISP can’t slow down your internet speeds.
    • Plus, there is strong encryption, a strict no-log policy, kill switch, and privacy safeguard, enabling you to share files safely yet quickly.
    • NordVPN® is also one of the most preferred VPN services for P2P file sharing.

8. No-Log Policy

  • Normally, all your online traffic will pass through your ISP. They can keep track of your online behaviour, essentially logging your activities. This also enables them to send your data to third-party organizations, government agencies, or advertisers.
  • So use a VPN service, but this essentially means that your VPN service provider can also log your activities.
  • NordVPN is very trustworthy in this respect because:
    • First of all, they have a strict no-log policy, which means no collection of timestamps, session information, IP addresses, traffic data, or any other data is stored.
    • To conform with this policy, they have even got the service audited by a Big auditing firm – PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, which concluded that their services are fair and accurate.
    • They also are based away from EU and US jurisdictions, and since your activities aren’t logged, they can’t be shared.
    • Also, as a payment option, you can use cryptocurrencies to pay for the services.

9. Can be used for Home Automation

  • These days, with the advent of AI and IoT devices becoming smarter, they can now communicate with each other through the internet.
  • But with the devices becoming more exposed to the internet, this also leaves them vulnerable to hackers.
  • A solution for this is to use a VPN and one which directly connects to your Wi-Fi router.
  • NordVPN allows you to directly connect your Wi-Fi connection to your VPN.
  • Since NordVPN uses double encryption, this ensures maximum security for your home
  • IoT becomes a much more viable option for future homes when digital security is added to the mix.

10. Timely and Effective Customer Support

  • NordVPN has very timely and effective customer support.
  • It doesn’t provide phone assistance. Nevertheless, it does provide equally effective email and chat options on the site
  • Moreover, three customer support teams will provide you with assistance for:
    • General Info
    • Billing queries
    • Connectivity queries

How Fast is NordVPN?

For this section, we have chosen 4 server locations – the USA, Germany, the Asia Pacific region, and Australia, and we shall show you actual images of speed tests. You can see the full study from here, and for this test, the base location was in Malaysia, and from here, the speeds were compared. An Intel 8th Generation processor equipped laptop was used, which clocks at 3.4GHz.

Speed Test ServerBaseline download speed without VPN (higher is better) [mbps]Ping Speed without VPN (lower is better) [ms]Time to connect to VPN [secs]Download with VPN (higher is better) [mbps]Ping Speed with VPN (lower is better) [ms]Leaks
Chicago – Comcast323 mbps271 ms19 secs36.49 mbps261 msNone
Stockholm, Sweden – Datacom348 mbps217 ms16 secs31.04 mbps225 msNone
Moscow, Russia – Rostelecom337 mbps220 ms15 secs23.77 mbps217 msNone
Taipei, Taiwan – NCIC Telecom398.45 mbps100 ms18.99 secs127.9 mbps10 msNone
Perth, Australia – Telstra361.70 mbps195 ms15 secs76.01 mbps  107.96 msNone
Hyderabad, India – Excitel338.25 mbps243 ms17 secs100 mbps245 msMaybe

Reference Speed

 US Server Speed

One must note that this drop in speed is normal, as the test was conducted halfway around the world from the USA, and even for that, this speed is rather good compared to other VPN services.

Europe Server Speed (Germany)

We see the same drop in speeds due to the location being far from the reference location. But since it is closer to the reference location, we can also see the ping go down, and the upload speed goes up.

Asia Pacific Region Server Speed (Singapore)

Here, we can see the best possible performance, as the ping is low, the download speed is high, and the upload speed is high. This gives us a good idea about how the speeds vary with location.

Australia Server Speed

How to configure NordVPN?

Setting up and configuring NordVPN is quite easy, thanks to the simplistic and functional yet elegant UI and UX design of the application. For PCs or laptops:

  1. Download and install the application from the website.
  2. Open the application and log in to your account.
  3. You can then turn on the VPN from the power button that is on top of the application. You can also set the country location by simply clicking the locations on the map below.
  4. Then you can search your preferred location or activity in the given search bar, and at the side menu, additional preferences such as kill switch settings and advanced VPN settings can be done from here.

For Mobile and Tablet users:

  1. Download the app from the iOS AppStore or the Google Play Store.
  2. Login to your NordVPN account. If you didn’t make one before, you have an option of making one now as well.
  3. You will now be sent to the main screen of the app, which is similar to the desktop application’s main page.
  4. From here on, you can turn the VPN on or off by a simple toggle switch, and additional settings can be adjusted through the side-scroll bar.

What is the pricing for NordVPN?

NordVPN comes in a variety of attractive packages, and a 30-day money-back guarantee should you face any problems. With every plan of theirs, you will get:

  • Access to over 5500 servers across the world
  • No-logs policy
  • 6 simultaneous devices connected.

Their plans are as follows:

  • 2 Year Plan
    • $3.71/month for two years (paid in a single down payment), and $89 for the first 2 years
    • Then it is $286.80 for the next two years
  • 1 year Plan
    • $4.92/month for one year (paid in a single down payment), and $59 for the first year
    • Then it is $143.40 for the subsequent years
  • 1 month Plan
    • $11.95/month, billed every month

NordVPN Teams

  • For Corporates and Businesses
    • Sorted out billing procedures, no need for individual invoices
    • Efficient team Management
    • Encrypted connections
  • Other recommended products for Complete privacy and security:
    • NordPass:
      • Store Securely
      • Organize and access passwords form anywhere
      • $2.49/month ($4.99/month normally but avail the 50% off offer soon!)
    • NordLocker:
      • Secure Cloud for your files
      • Get 10GB in encrypted cloud storage
      • $1.49/month ($7.99/month normally but avail the 81% off offer soon!)

Nord VPN also comes with many offers, and currently, there is a Christmas special deal on the 2 year plan, which offers 68% off plus the first 3 months free! Go grab the Christmas deal now!

Final Verdict

With great encryption, high speeds, multiple connectivity support, and a plethora of features to make your internet experience safe and fun, combined with its affordable pricing, we definitely recommend this VPN service for your needs. Go check out NordVPN today for secure and safe internet usage!

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