Material guidelines for building smart home

Smart products are around us, and we live in an era where entire houses are becoming smart! What are smart homes? Smart Homes are...
extender-vs repeater

WiFi Repeater vs WiFi Extender: Which one to choose from?

Wi-Fi technology has become almost inseparable with the COVID-19 home workspace. But these signals aren’t strong enough to cross obstacles and reach all places...

Smart Displays: The new touchscreen in your face

As if humans weren’t lazy enough that they invented a single device to do all their activities! Yes, we are talking about a mobile...
Smart Home Hub

Smart Home Hub – Everything You Need To Know

What is Smart Home Hub? Smart home hub is the brain of your connected home. It connects all your smart devices and manages them based...
Alexa on Raspberry Pi 4

DIY Alexa on Raspberry Pi 4

Voice Search has reached nearly 48% of the total volume of search done on the web. With Google being the default search engine(68% of all...

DIY Mycroft on Raspberry Pi 4

Build Mycroft on Pi4 I have been playing with the Mycroft for quite some time. Once you are hooked to Playing news,setting reminders,checking your calendar,playing music...

DIY: How to Create a Home Mesh WiFi using Raspberry Pi

What is mesh WiFi and How it works: A brief outline. Mesh-WiFi or Whole Home WiFi are a craze now days. The reasons are many,...

Mycroft : Opensource Alternative to Alexa & Google home.

Introduction to Voice Assistant It has been a few years since Amazon unveiled the Alexa-powered Echo, but since then, smart speakers have become a major...

11 Tips to Secure Smart-Home 2020

Your internet-connected devices — smart TVs, security cameras, smart locks, gaming consoles, smart thermostats — can add a level of convenience to your life,...

Connected Homes Data Security- Present & Future

Have you ever wondered What Happens to Smart Home Data? How much data is generated by Your Home, How Secure is your Home Data?...


Making your home smart, Thinking where to start from This articles is a starting guide to take 1st step towards Smart Home

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